Applications & Services

Rental Applications

Each applicant is subject to a CRIMINAL, CREDIT, & BACKGROUND checks. 

To submit a rental application, please see the downloaded .pdf below to print our Application Package. Please note online applications are not available at this time. 

Property Management

Property Preparation

It's no secret that the best-looking properties attract the highest quality renters. And we know exactly where to put your money to obtain the highest return. We advise clients regarding appropriate rental rates, proper repairs, effective improvements and suitable appliances. 


In addition to the "For Rent" sign in the yard, your property will be shown on the popular real estate websites. We also have a strong real estate agent referral program. 

Tenant Screenings

Vacancies are expensive for both you, as the owner, and us, as the management company. Therefore, we make every effort to keep them at minimum. We take great pride in the quality of tenants we are able to attract through set debt-to-income ratios, extensive application screening, criminal, credit and background checks and reference follow-ups. Each tenant must have reasonable credit, a clean rental history and solid employment.

Inspections & Lease Review

We complete a move-in inspection with new tenants using a "Property Condition" report and explain where cutoffs are located, how systems work and how to handle simple maintenance functions. We review each lease thoroughly with our tenants and go over company policy and procedures. 

Annually, we provide a complete interior/exterior inspection of the property along with a color photo. Maintaining a high profile plays a major role in making your property a successful investment.

As tenants move out, we complete a personal inspection and deduct for damages.

Maintenance Repairs

Our repair personnel respond immediately to provide tenants with quick, effective and legitimate repairs. A good maintenance record creates long-term tenants, reduces vacancies for owners and insures justified repairs.

Security Deposit & Rent Collections

We collect a security deposit upon the execution of each lease. Applicants with pets (in pre-approved pet units) are required to pay an additional non-refundable pet fee.

All deposits are maintained in a FDIC approved account as required by state real estate regulations until refunded or forfeited to cover damages.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 5th. Late rent tenants are contacted four times between the 6th and 15th. We are fair to extremely firm.

If the need arises, we handle all legal issues associated with eviction.